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The Valkyrie are women warriors who take slain warriors from the battlefield to Freyja's fields, Folkvangr where Freyja chooses the first half of the dead; the rest then go to Odin and the hall Valhalla. In Norse legend, Freyja is head of the Valkyrie, and they also work with Odin.  Valkyrie translates to "announcers of the chosen".

Features to include when drawing:

  • Hair color varies – red, brunette, blonde, or white
  • Hair should be flowing and mid-back length or longer
  • Eyes color varies in the greens and blues
  • 18 - 25 years old
  • Always young women
  • Warrior class weaponry can include shields, armor, helmets, swords, spears, and bows
  • They should have feathers on them somewhere depicting them as Valkyrie – can be a winged helmet, winged headband, feathered cloak, or feather dress (commonly swan feathers), or just wings
  • They should not look angry!  They should look pretty/sexy, classy, muscle tone of the Goddesses