About Us

Norhalla, Inc. began in 2013 with the idea that we wanted to introduce kids to the Norse gods and goddesses.  But Norse Mythology and Viking history are not usually something you would think of as “kid friendly”! 

Kristin StraleyThere isn’t a lot available for kids to teach them about the Nordic gods, whether they are ancestors, mythology, or gods and goddesses – and whether you want to teach them for your beliefs, for historical understanding, or just for fun.  Regardless of your motives, there just aren’t a lot of options that are digestible for little ones.

This is where Kristin Straley comes in.  She is the author for the children’s books we publish here at Norhalla.com.  She has a knack for telling stories in rhyme and respects and admires the Norse pantheon.  She is an American of Danish descent and and currently lives in Aarhus, Denmark - a true Viking at heart!  Kristin is also the Director and operational manager for Norhalla, Inc.

Kathryn Massey Argote

Our illustrator is Kathryn Massey Argote, “Kat” for short.  She is an amazing and talented artist with unwavering dedication and professionalism.  Kat has illustrated all of our Norse Mother’s Tales books as well as the Norse, of Course! series books, our coloring book, and many other illustrations and character studies for our website. Kat lives in the USA.

Norhalla enjoys the additional benefit of Kristin's talented family by providing new product development, bookkeeping and accounting, digital design, and IT support.

After more than 10 years, we have published 12 books with more to come!  We are adding more hardcover books to our lineup and we are making our Norse Mother's Tales books available in other languages. We have fun prints and items for kids and all kinds of  original art items for the modern Viking home and pagan family.  We have so many ideas – join us on our journey!

Norse Mother's Tales children's books at norhalla.com

Our books are available online on our website as well as AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks a Million among others.  We have a dealer network with small businesses, Scandinavian specialty shops, and independent bookstores throughout the United States and Europe.  We also sponsor select events and festivals throughout each year.

Norhalla, Inc. is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.  We also have an office in the USA in Port Clinton, Ohio and Omaha, Nebraska.  You can email us at info@norhalla.com.

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