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Norse Mythology Coloring Book

Color the Norse ancestors and their animal companions as seen in Norhalla’s children's books: Norse Mother's Tales, Norse of Course, and other creative works. 


Norse, Of Course!

Norse, of Course! children's books are for independent readers and help improve reading skills with an expanded vocabulary.  Establish familiarity with basic Norse stories from Nordic lore, Norse mythology, and Viking history.


Cards, Games, Tarot & Divination

Viking cards and games and Norse & Viking inspired tarot and divination to connect with the ancestors from Nordic lore and history.


It's a Viking Thing Blog

In the spirit of Nordic cooperation, we applaud and support the efforts of others in preserving and generating interest in Viking and Nordic culture.

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Odin Alfather, Leader of Asgard

Odin Alfather, Leader of Asgard

Odin is a prominent figure in Norse mythology and a revered god in Nordic lore. He is referred to as the All Father, or the Alfather, and is the leader of Asgard.

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