Norse Children's books


Norse Mother's Tales

Norse Mother’s Tales are life lesson short stories for young children to establish familiarity with people, places, and animals from Norse and Viking history.


Norse, of Course! Second Edition

Re-illustrated second edition! Improve reading skills with Norse, of Course! book series for children with its expanded vocabulary that is complex and challenging.

The Roots of Yggdrasil

The Roots of Yggdrasil: Second Edition

Read along as Odin reflects on the great war & the ways of the Vanir, pursues wisdom to advance the Norse culture, and introduces the first three of the nine laws.

Norse, of Course! First Edition

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Valkenhaus & The Nordics


Valkenhaus Nordic Family Traditions

The Valkenhaus family Nordic traditions and holidays encompass our Traces of North and Norse ideals. 


Little Vikings Activities

Little Vikings Activities are kid friendly, fun crafts and projects you can do with your Little Vikings!

It's A Viking Thing!


It's A Viking Thing!

In the spirit of Nordic cooperation, we applaud and support the efforts of others in preserving and generating interest in Viking and Nordic culture.


Art & Illustrations

Here you will see samples and examples of the fantastic artwork used in our book series and publications.

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It's a Nordic Thing!