Norse Mother's Tales Books

Norse Mother's Tales Books

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Norse Mother's Tales children's books.

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Set of 4 Norse Mother's Tales children's books
Introduce young kids to the Norse ancestors!

Freyja's Fat Cat: Read along as Freyja's fluffy felines work together.  Treegul learns from his friend Beegul about the importance of eating healthy and exercising!  Freyja's Fat Cat is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Freyja's fluffy cats Beegul and Treegul!  Freyja's Fat Cat was Runner Up in the 2017 Hollywood Book Festival competition in the Children's Books category!


 Odin's Hungry HorseIntroduce your little ones to an adventure with Odin and his horse, Sleipnir! Odin's Hungry Horse is a delightful story that teaches children how to try new things and enjoy new experiences. Pass down your love for Norse and Viking heritage and culture with this charming read-aloud story of Norse god Odin teaching his horse Sleipnir about trying new foods. Odin's Hungry Horse is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Odin and his fabulous eight legged horse, Sleipnir! 


Faster, Faster! Odur's RaptorJoin Odur's hawk Vedfolnir on a tongue twisting adventure around Asgard! Vedfolnir always pays attention to his surroundings and stays safe.  Faster, Faster! Odur's Raptor is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Odur and his high-flying hawk, Vedfolnir! 

Norse Mother's Tales: Faster, Faster! Odur's Raptor - Join Odur's hawk Vedfolnir on an adventure of twisting and spinning through the treetops.  Vedfolnir always pays attention to his surroundings and stays safe! 

Thor's Grumpy GoatThor's goat Toothgnasher is having a bad day! Follow Toothgnasher as navigates the struggles of having a bad day. With help from Toothgrinder and Thor, he understands the problems a bad mood can cause.
   Thor's Grumpy Goat is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Thor and his goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder! 

Norse Mother\s Tales: Thor's Grumpy Goat children's book.

Unlock the secrets of the Norse gods and myths with Norse Mother's Tales! Immerse your little ones in a magical world of Norse mythology, Viking history, and tales of adventure.

With expressive illustrations and fun rhymes, these "read to me" storybooks are perfect for introducing young children to the Norse ancestors and teaching them important life lessons along the way. These books are the ideal way to encourage a love for reading from an early age with stories that will introduce them to Odin, Thor, Frigga, Sif, Freyja, Loki and so many others along with the antics of their animal companions!

Read aloud for ages 0-5, and read alone for ages 5 and up. Get ready to ignite their imaginations with Norse Mother's Tales!

Get your copy now and start your child's journey into the world of Norse mythology today!

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