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In Norse legend, Jotuns originate from Ymir, the frost giant. After Ymir's sons kill Odin's fore-father Bur, Odin and his brothers kill Ymir and all of his people. After the slaughter, the survivors are Berglemir and his family. They leave the area and are then known as Jotuns.

Features to include when drawing:

  • Pasty white skin color
  • Hair is optional, if with hair make the hair black
  • Black eyes
  • Facial hair optional
  • Muscle tone like the Gods
  • Should be same height or shorter than the Gods
  • Generally ugly

The term "Jotun" is used throughout Norse legend to represent a variety of people and cultures, depending on time and place. Jotun is not specific to a single race; Jotun is more referred to as a lifestyle or culture. That being described as breeding out of control and using all the resources.

Although some Jotuns can be beautiful, and the Aesir marry some as wives or concubines, we want to depict the Jotun foes of Asgard. They should be shown as crafty, jealous, and wasteful. Liars, cheaters, and thieves.