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Gullveig represents and personifies, and is the source of influence as it relates to "evil". Evil being the obsession and pursuit of anything other than Odur (love, obsession) and one's soul mate. This other obsession can be anything, but is most commonly understood and depicted as the unbridled obsession and pursuit of wealth, although it is also the unbridled obsession of religion and faith.

Features to include when drawing:

  • Short black hair
  • Black eyes
  • Pale skin
  • Decorated with gold jewelry
  • Golden staff
  • The personification of evil
  • Colors: black, gold - Splash Color = Gold/yellow

Gullveig is often associated with a group of 3 Jotuns. The names of Gullveig are: 1. Gullveig, meaning drunk with lust for gold; 2. Angrboda, meaning the one who brings grief; and 3. Heid, meaning bright and shiny. Gullveig is what you want, Heid is what you see, and Angrboda is what you get.