Nordic Lore Study Course: The Roots of Yggdrasil children's book.

The Roots of Yggdrasil

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Norse of Course: The Roots of Yggdrasil -

The Roots of Yggdrasil is Nordic lore for children and is part of the Freyja’s Schoolhouse Library collection. Read along as Odin reflects on the great war & the ways of the Vanir, pursues wisdom to advance the Norse culture, and introduces the first three laws.

This book is part of a study course set with academic emphasis on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills through an introduction of advanced concepts from Nordic lore.

Norse of Course: The Roots of Yggdrasil -

The Nordic Lore book series for children is Nordic lore and Norse mythology modernized and told as historical fiction in this original fully illustrated series. The stories are based on the Norse Eddas and Sagas. With fun rhymes and colorful illustrations, each book in the series features the Norse ancestors and their evolution.

The Nordic Lore books are "read to me" for younger children ages 2 - 5, "read along" for ages 5 - 7, and can be read alone for the 8 - 12 age group and older.  Older children and adults enjoy these books too, as the rhymes are fun and challenging, and the characters are the well known Norse and Viking ancestors from Norse mythology.



Nordic Lore
The Roots of Yggdrasil
Published: Jan. 2014 / June 2020
Age Range: 6 - 12 years
Grade Level: Kindergarten - 6
Series: Norse, of Course!
Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Norhalla, Inc
Language: English
ISBN-10:  194144220X
ISBN-13:  978-1941442203
Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 in.

The Roots of Yggdrasil was one of our first books published in 2014. It was originally illustrated with stick people by Kristin Valkenhaus. We are pleased to present this wonderful story with illustrations by Kathryn Massey. We hope you enjoy the Nordic Lore stories about our Nordic ancestors for many generations!


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