Classic Sleipnir and Odin's Hungry Horse Combos

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Sleipnir plush ancestor together with Odin's Hungry Horse book at

Sleipnir and Odin's Hungry Horse Combo

Buy Norse Mother's Tales: Odin's Hungry Horse together with classic Sleipnir plush ancestor!

Norse Mother's Tales: Odin's Hungry Horse:  Odin's horse Sleipnir doesn't want to eat his carrots today. Read along as Odin teaches Sleipnir that trying new foods is good!  Odin's Hungry Horse is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Odin and his fabulous eight legged horse, Sleipnir.

Sleipnir:  Custom Sleipnir Norse Viking ancestor crochet stuffed animal doll made exclusively for Norhalla!  Beautifully handmade doll stands 8" tall and is 10" long.  Sleipnir is light gray with black stockings and white "feathers" on all eight of his fabulous legs.  He has a white mane and tail and comes with a tasty carrot!  This doll is soft and kid friendly, makes a great gift for children or adults!

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