Odin the Wanderer

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Odin is the Norse leader of the Aesir, and Leader of Asgard.  Odin travels as a peasant and wanders the nine realms seeking knowledge. When traveling, he uses many names.

Features to include when drawing:

  • Blonde hair & beard
  • Blue eyes
  • Missing right eye, patch over right eye
  • Tall, Caucasian skin tone
  • Muscular
  • Wears a peasant hat and cloak/robe
  • Cloak/robe is blue
  • Has a staff with him
  • Splash color = Blue
He has 2 wolf companions, Geri & Freki, 2 ravens, Hugin and Munin, and a horse named Sleipnir with 8 legs. He plucked out his right eye for knowledge. His wife is Frigga, and has many children including Baldur, Thor, Vali, Vidar, Hodur, and more.


Odin represents and personifies, and is the source of what is known as divine inspiration, perspective, and insight as it relates to leadership, the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, universal balance, and balance of priorities.