Nordic Lore Study Set

Nordic Lore Study Set

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Nordic Lore book series can be taught as a course or individually, with academic emphasis on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills through an introduction of advanced concepts from Nordic lore. Norse mythology, and Viking history. 

This is a planned fully illustrated 3 book study series with 2 books currently available.  The third book in the series plus an additional Teacher's Edition with tips and explanations covering all 3 books is coming Spring 2021.

The Roots of Yggdrasil is Nordic lore for children and is part of the Freyja’s Schoolhouse Library collection. Read along as Odin reflects on the great war & the ways of the Vanir, pursues wisdom to advance the Norse culture, and introduces the first three laws.


Ginnungagap to Asgard is Nordic lore for children and is part of the Freyja’s Schoolhouse Library collection.  Read along as Heimdall tells the beginning story - the evolution of the Norse ancestors, and about Ymir the frost giant, a jealous adversary. Learn about the Aesir-Vanir war, the formation of Asgard, and how the Norse people began.

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The Nordic Lore book series for children is Nordic lore and Norse mythology modernized and told as historical fiction in this original fully illustrated series. The stories are based on the Norse Eddas and Sagas. With fun rhymes and colorful illustrations, each book in the series features the Norse ancestors and their evolution.


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