The Asatru Community, Inc. - Heathenry to the Modern Age

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The Asatru Community, Inc. - Heathenry to the Modern Age

"An organization of like minded people, coming together to honor the ways of Asatru, a network of knowledge and community waiting to be tapped into."
The Asatru Community, Inc. -

Bringing Heathenry Into The Modern Age

TAC Inc. is a community of heathens from all walks of life, who have joined together with a unified goal: To bring heathenry into the modern age. We are the meeting place for those of like mind to gather and discuss issues that matter. TAC brings together resources to help strengthen and grow both the online and local community by providing the tools to make finding locals easier.

It's A Viking Thing

In the spirit of Nordic cooperation, we applaud and support the efforts of others in preserving and generating interest in Viking and Nordic culture.


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