Halloween 2017

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Halloween 2017

It's Valkenhaus tradition to celebrate Halloween with many festivities throughout the month of October!  We visited the local farm, carved pumpkins, and had a party. The month of fall fun finished on Halloween night with a gathering for an evening of toasts, witchy dress, and oaths.

We visited the local farm to find our way through a corn maze, feed and pet the animals, learn about agriculture and select our pumpkins for carving.

Everyone carving their pumpkins!

The marvelous Valkenhaus jack-o-lantern, and Aegon too!

The Valkenhaus Witches made the front page of the local paper!

Children had a blast at the Halloween party with games like balloon pop, pin-the-tail on Sleipnir, and bobbing for Idunna's apples! 
Witchy dress in honor of Frigga.
Family campfire, complete with smores!

(Left to right) Ivonova, Kristin, Kirstie and Alyssa in their oath dresses.

Everyone dressed their best for the occasion.


Halloween is a time remember and honor our ancestors and those who came before us.
Once Halloween arrived, we took oaths to honor the achievements of our ancestors and who they were.