Freyja and Freyja's Fat Cat Combo

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Freyja's Fat Cat and Plush Freyja Ancestor combo

Freyja and Freyja's Fat Cat Combo

Buy Norse Mother's Tales: Freyja's Fat Cat together with Freyja plush ancestor!

Norse Mother's Tales: Freyja's Fat CatRead along as Freyja's fluffy felines work together.  Treegul learns from his friend Beegul about the importance of eating healthy and exercising! Freyja's Fat Cat is illustrated by Brianna Cover-Brown featuring Freyja and her fluffy cats Beegul and Treegul!

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Freyja: Custom Freyja Norse Viking ancestor figure made exclusively for Norhalla!  Beautifully handmade doll stands 11" tall. Freyja is wearing a white dress trimmed in red and black with dark gray boots.  She also comes with a removable golden yellow cloak and removable silver gray winged helmet. This doll is soft and kid friendly, makes a great gift for children or adults!

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