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Angrboda is the mother of three of Loki's children: Hel (or Hela), Fenrir, and Jormungandr; the three destructions. 

Features to include when drawing:

  • Short black hair
  • Black eyes
  • Greenish skin
  • Lives in the Ironwood Forest
  • She is a giant troll-like creature
  • The personification of misery
  • Colors: black, green - Splash Color = Purple

Don't depict her as "giant" literally, or gigantic, but roughly the same size as the Gods. Think larger than life, leader/queen of a realm or kingdom. The mythological depiction is a metaphor for reputation, symbolism, and/or what she is known for.

Angrboda represents and personifies, and is the source of influence as it relates to grief and/or misery.