The Saga of Bjorn Video

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The Saga of Bjorn

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop, Denmark.

Initial release: February 18, 2011
Director: Benjamin Kousholt
Production company: The Animation Workshop
Music composed by: Mathias Winum
Narrator: Phillip Sacramento
Cast: Phillip Sacramento, Alberte Thorning Agerskov, Jack E. Sovtar

The Saga of Bjorn is an animated short story about an old Viking, Bjorn.  All he wants to do is die in battle so he can go to Valhalla and join his warrior companions.  Death is not so easy when you are a great warrior! Enjoy this film made by The Animation Workshop.

It's A Viking Thing!

In the spirit of Nordic cooperation, we applaud and support the efforts of others in preserving and educating about Norse and Viking history and generating interest in Nordic culture.


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