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Norhalla is the proud leader in children's books from Nordic lore.  We are proud to present our newest upcoming books from Freyja's Schoolhouse Library collection!  Show your support for upcoming projects by pre-ordering books or become a benefactor with your contribution.

Freyja's Schoolhouse Library Collection

Early Learning

Norse Mother’s Tales are “read to me” and first reader life lesson short story books for young children. Encourage a love for reading through expressive illustrations with fun rhymes. Establish familiarity with people, places, and animals from Nordic lore, Norse mythology, and Viking history.

The Norse Mother's Tales series books are "read to me" for children ages 2 - 5, "read alone" for ages 5 and older.

Independent Reading

Nordic Lore Classroom Edition books are for advanced readers and help improve reading skills with an expanded vocabulary.  Establish familiarity with basic Norse stories from Nordic lore, Norse mythology, and Viking history.

These books are Norse mythology retold as historical fiction that provides an introduction to Norse and Viking stories modernized in fun rhyme.  Each book features the Nordic ancestors and their evolution in this original series with beautiful black and white illustrations.

The Nordic Lore books are "read to me" for younger children ages 2 - 5, "read along" for ages 5 - 7, and can be read alone for the 8 - 12 age group and older.  Older children and adults enjoy these books too, as the rhymes are fun and challenging, and the characters are the well known Norse and Viking ancestors from Norse mythology.


Nordic Lore Study Set book series can be taught as a course or individually, with academic emphasis on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills through an introduction of advanced concepts from Nordic lore. Norse mythology, and Viking history. 

This is a planned fully illustrated 3 book study series with 2 books currently available. The third book in the series plus an additional Teacher's Edition with tips and explanations covering all 3 books is coming Spring 2021.
The Nordic Lore Study Set books are recommended for ages 8 - 12 and older. 

Advanced Readers

Nordic Gods series books are longer stories for advanced readers. Presented in a classic literature format to convey a more intimate understanding and help develop a personal connection with the Ancestors. 

Read the epics of the Nordic Gods from Nordic lore, Norse mythology, and Viking history.

The Nordic Gods series is recommended for ages 10 - 14 and older.


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