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Norse, of Course! book review by Moonwyck's New Age Shoppe

Moonwyck's New Age Shoppe gave a review of Norse, of Course! The Great Void to Asgard. We thank them for their evaluation.

We do business with a local new age shoppe here in downtown Port Clinton, Ohio. Moonwyck's New Age Shoppe is a neat store filled with hand made candles, hand made soaps, charms, jewelry, essential oils, herbs, and many other items. We dropped off a set of Norse, of Course books for their review. Read on to see what they had to say.


Review By: Elizabeth Kuenzer

Author: N.K. Valkenhaus
Publisher: Norhalla, LLC 2014

Bountiful truths told through trials in our cultural history that teach understanding, compassion, desire to learn, grow and teach!

I feel the author's style of rhyme is a fun way to hold the attention of young readers and listeners.  The overall theme of how different cultures portrayed themselves and how they learn from each other is kept light and simple. The story progresses fluidly to a solid lesson to be perceived in conclusion.

The illustrations of time and place are colorful. The depictions of characters intended for young children gets the point across without being too graphic and violent, yet remains realistic to the subject.

Identifying the character's names in runes and their pronunciations is great way for the reader to really connect to the history being told.

I highly recommend this book, as well as the series of other NORSE OF COURSE! Books. I enjoy the idea of preservation of our heritages and the deep wisdoms that help progress each other to more loving ways of being!

Thanks for publishing these great stories!

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