Shoemaker's Hall gaves a video review of the Norse, of Course! books.

Book Review by Shoemaker's Hall

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 Shoemaker's Hall gaves a video review of the Norse, of Course! books.

Bret Shoemaker produces a vlog, "Shoemaker's Hall" in which he gave a video review of the Norse, of Course! books. Please enjoy the review below, and watch the video!

Book Review:

By Bret Shoemaker

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked is how can we as parents get our children involved in learning about the gods and goddesses?  While surfing the internet I came upon a website called  It is a publishing company that made books that focus on the Norse gods and goddesses. 

Norhalla Inc. has a series for children called Norse of Course! This series consists of four books titled Sif’s Golden Hair, The Great Void to Asgard, The Roots of Yggdrasil, and Building of the Wall.  These books are primarily for children ages 2 – 5.  The books are written in a simple rhyme scheme that is easily understood by children.  There are some liberties taken with the myths but this can be excused as they are made for children and are geared for them to effortlessly understand.  My son already loves these books and I have read them to him multiple times in the week that I have had them.

The illustrations in the books consist of stick figures.  While I initially felt this was very childish, the illustrations were actually cute and easy for kids to follow.  Each figure of a god, goddess, animal, or item is done in a way that each one is easily recognizable.

My favorite part of the books actually comes after the stories themselves.  In the back of the book are diagrams and drawings that help to teach the runes.  Each major god or goddess is depicted and their name is in runes for children to practice.  There is also a pronunciation guide in the back of each book so that kids can practice Norse words. 

I highly recommend these books, which can be found at their website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books a Million

Norhalla also publishes a set of books for young adults called the Legends series which is Norse mythology retold as historical fiction in an original illustrated epic series.   Norhalla will also be releasing a new series in the Summer of 2016 called Norse Mother’s Tales for children age 3 and up that are short anecdotes written in fun rhyme with full color illustrations.  The first book in this series is titled Freya’s Fat Cat.

I urge all members of TAC that have children to take a look at this company and the Norse of Course! Series.  It is a great way to get your youngsters involved with the gods, goddesses, and runes.  I give the series two thumbs up!