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Norse Mother's Tales: Faster, Faster! Odur's Raptor - Join Odur's hawk Vedfolnir on an adventure of twisting and spinning through the treetops.  Vedfolnir always pays attention to his surroundings and stays safe!

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Join Odur's hawk Vedfolnir on a tongue twisting adventure around Asgard! Vedfolnir always pays attention to his surroundings and stays safe.


Odur's high-flying hawk Vedfolnir illustrated by Kathryn Massey.

Faster, Faster! Odur's Raptor is illustrated by Kathryn Massey featuring Odur and his high-flying hawk, Vedfolnir! 

Norse ancestor Odur illustrated by Kathryn Massey.


Norse Mother’s Tales are life lesson short stories for young children to establish familiarity with people, places, and animals from Norse and Viking history.  Each book in this fully illustrated series is fun to read with entertaining rhymes.

These tales will introduce young children to ancestors like Odin, Thor, Frigga, Sif, Freyja, Loki and so many others along with the antics of their animal companions too!

The Norse Mother's Tales books are "read to me" for children ages 2 - 5, "read alone" for ages 5 and older.


 Norse Mother's Tales
Faster, Faster! Odur's Raptor

  • To Be Published: April 2018
  • Age Range: 2 - 7 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool - 2nd Grade
  • Series: Norse Mother's Tales
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Norhalla, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1-941442-18-8

    ISBN-13: 978-1-941442-18-0
    Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 in.