About Us

Norhalla, Inc. is owned and operated by the Valkenhaus family and is organized for the preservation and education about Norse and Viking culture, mythology, belief, and history through art and literature.

Having Danish and Germanic roots, we set out to write the stories of our Norse and Viking ancestors and bring them into modern times.  We wanted to write the stories for children so they could learn about our ancestors in fun, engaging stories.  Our passion came into reality with the first Norse, of Course! illustrated children's book published in January 2014.  We now have several published books in three different series, along with projects to re-publish and illustrate some of the classics like The Poetic Eddas and The Children of Odin.

Norhalla is a family business and everyone has their mark on everything we make, write, illustrate, animate, and sell here at Norhalla.  We also celebrate Northern Family Traditions on various American and Scandinavian Holidays several times a year!  Our traditions and holidays have a Scandinavian, Norse, or Viking theme or flair, and friends and colleagues are encouraged to participate as well.

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